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History of the Kashmir Sapphire

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History of the Kashmir Sapphire

The following is the original account of the Kashmir sapphire deposits when originally found by two Kashmiri hunters, after a hillside slipped away, in 1881 above the small village of Sumjam, Kashmir.

This piece is an excerpt from the
out -of- print British periodical
"The Gemmologist" as printed in the 1930's.

Kashmir Sapphire Edwardian Platinum 17 Carat Ring

Kashmir Sapphire and half moon shaped diamonds in Edwardian platinum ring

"For several working seasons after the discovery, the sapphires were recovered by merely picking them out of the exposed face of the cliff, which is made up of decomposed gneiss; and even in this state they were so numerous that considerable quantities of fine large stones were collected.

Then, quite by accident, it was found that the whole floor of the valley was only overlain by a few feet of ordinary earth and rocky debris, and that below that was a thick layer of white pegmatite and granitic detritus which carried sapphires in such large quantities that for a time they could be picked up almost like pebbles on a beach.

Damaged Loose Kashmir Sapphire

Damaged Kashmir Sapphire removed from original platinum estate ring

The valley deposit sapphires run quite large and have a significant quantity of fine gem sizes with some stones weighing a hundred carats, and up to three hundred carats by no means uncommon." 

While large, fine gem Kashmir sapphires do exist today they are highly valued and eagerly sought out.

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Edwardian Platinum Kashmir Sapphire Ring

Kashmir Sapphire and Old European Diamond Estate Platinum Ring

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